Why Vote for 3rd Party Candidate - Evan McMullin- 12 Amendment - Electoral Deadlock

Bán Kính Em
Bán Kính Em
09 Nov 2020

Why Vote for 3rd Party Candidate Evan McMullin? 12 Amendment Electoral Deadlock contingent election.

Everyone knows that the President is chosen from the Electoral College, NOT the popular vote.
To win, a candidate needs a majority of Electoral ballots. The magic number is 270 for a win.
....but what if that doesn't happen? This is where it gets crazy!
Our founding fathers added a clause in the 12th Amendment that says In the case of an “Electoral Deadlock” or if no candidate receives the majority of votes, a “contingent election” is held.
So if a 3rd party Candidate could win enough Electoral Votes to make 270 impossible (Evan McMullin could win 10 Electoral votes in Utah and Idaho)....
The decision for the next president is then turned over to the House of Representatives.

Each state delegation is then allowed to cast one vote for one of the top three contenders to determine a winner.

That’s right TOP three Electoral vote winners! Giving a 3rd party candidate a legitimate chance of becoming President
Especially if the house of representatives aren’t too keen on either of the 2 main candidates. Yes. They could choose the 3rd party candidate Because he is the better choice!

Yes. It’s a long shot. But it is a shot. It is the reason to vote for a third party candidate like Evan McMullin. And with 33 Republican States if he didn’t win, Trump would win instead of Hillary.
The Electoral Deadlock is the Hail Mary pass. The eleventh hour decision. It’s the underdog’s chance.
It’s how we can all feel good voting for a third party candidate like Evan, because this time it matters. Your 3rd party vote for Evan McMullin could make history.

DISCLOSURE: This video is not official endorsed by any candidate.

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