Unemployment Update 11-9-20 Biden’s Plan $600 Unemployment Benefits PUA FPUC Vaccine Good News!

10 Jan 2021

Unemployment update $600 weekly Unemployment Extension Unemployment benefit extended 52 weeks. Update for Monday, November 9th, 2020 We need FPUC now.

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Here are 5 unemployment and stimulus related deadlines that expire on or before December 31st.

First, the additional 13 weeks of extended enhanced unemployment benefits are set to run out.

Next, as we’ve talked about, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) will run out on December 31st.

The 6 weeks of weekly $300 LWA unemployment funds are due to expire on December 27th.

Student loan deferrals are also set to run out on December 31st, and finally, rent and mortgage eviction protections will expire on New Year’s Eve.

With so many deadlines for vital programs just weeks away, I sure hope Congress can pass another stimulus package with ample unemployment assistance so that we can make it through the rest of this crazy year without glaring financial issues.

Meanwhile, with millions of Americans currently unemployed, the job market in 2021 is going to be more competitive than ever before.

To help you stand out from the crowd, a recent article from Forbes explains some tips and tricks to best prepare you for finding employment in this new normal society.

The first step is to get your mind right, let go of the past, shed your uneasiness about your past jobs and forge a new path forward.

This fresh start could open new doors for your professional life, so don’t be afraid to ask loved ones and friends if they know anyone hiring.

They also suggest using social media to your advantage, especially through networking on LinkedIn, to find opportunities where your skills will shine.

Update your resume, reach out to recruiters and other job openings in your area, and make as many connections as you can.

Hopefully these tools can help you find employment if you’ve lost a job during this crazy 2020, and can best prepare you moving forward into the new year.

Finally, we have details on President Elect Joe Biden’s stance on extended unemployment benefits in an upcoming stimulus package.

On his website on a page titled: Highlights of Joe Biden’s Plan To Support Women During The Crisis, more information is offered on federal unemployment funds.

The website reads: “Biden would also work with Congress to extend the boosted unemployment benefits (the extra $600) for however long this crisis lasts.”

It also states: “Make women who lose their jobs financially whole by ensuring that they get their unemployment insurance on time and in full.”

This is amazing news, and hopefully Biden can work to get another stimulus package with these vital unemployment benefits approved before year’s end.

If you still haven’t applied for unemployment assistance, begin the week right by applying for these funds today.

Just visit your state’s PUA or UI website, give them your employment history and supporting documents, and let them know that you’re currently out of work due to that thing out there.

For your troubles,, you could be eligible to receive a backdated unemployment check for $10,000.

To all of the gig-workers, self employed, independent contractors, 1099 workers, even side hustlers,volunteers and freelancers, the program is called the PUA and it was designed to give people like you unemployment assistance.

Don’t miss out on your chance to receive these incredible government unemployment benefits before they expire on December 31st.

Source: https://www.cnet.com/personal-....finance/these-5-bene



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