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ULTIMATE CHINESE LEE SIN MONTAGE REMIX April 2020 - ShenShan/Edwin - League of Legends

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Đã xuất bản lúc 26 Jul 2020 / trong Âm nhạc

【Hi friends from Youtube! Please help me to reach the Silver Goal (100K Subs): Here you will see a lot of impressed Lee Sin plays that you won't find in other places 】

【This is the new video of the Chinese Lee Sin players from Chinese servers, ShenShan Lee Sin (深山盲僧), and myself from NA server】

【Chinese Lee Sin 2020 Montage】【League of Legends】
【One-for-All Lee Sin】

►All Credits go to:
- ShenShan Lee Sin:
- Stream record of ShenShan Lee Sin BY myself
- Myself
【Chinses Lee Sin Stylish Montage | Mechanics | Combo | Chinese Insec 】
【Lee Sin Ghost Kick】【Lee Sin Aircraft Q】【Cripple Kick】
【Lee sin combo | Lee Sin Mechanic - Ward Flash W/Ward Buffer applied in real games】

【Well... As you guys recommended to me, I started a PaypalMe: ,here if some of you guys wanna donate a bit! Thanks in advance!】

►Hope you like it!

✔Music for this video♩ ♪ ♫ ♬:
Ship Wrek - Pain (feat. Mia Vaile)
Blaze U - What I'm Thinking
Forwe兰斯 - 半藏HanZo

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