TOP 20 MOST HANDSOME KPOP IDOL OF 2020| MyBiasList|You guys Happy???

26 Jul 2020

This is just based on my Love and opinion.
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OK guys just my biased list as what other people say. But I'm happy and I won't change anyone's position just to make you guys Happy.
Why all members of BTS was on the list. Well because this is my list.
Thanks for watching Love lots.

It wasn't also based to any survey or votings site. I just Love the 20 boys in this list OK.

Thanks to those beautiful and nice Comments You guys Made Me Happy. And to those not so good comment I love it at least I've learn a lot to and I need to consider everyone that will watched my videos. But like what I said I won't change anyone's position because they deserved it There are thousands of Korean Idols around Korea but this top 20 was at my list because they are not just handsome they have a pretty heart A big Love to their fans.
Thank you


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