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TOP 10 DROP C SONGS | Best Riffs You Should Learn In Drop C Tuning

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Đã xuất bản lúc 26 Jul 2020 / trong Âm nhạc

The the Top 10 songs you should know how to play on guitar in Drop C played in ONE TAKE! Read below for info on tuning and tone!

***Unfortunately I had to remove the audio from the 'Mein Teil' segment due to copyright issues***

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- Epiphone ES-335:
- Fender Mustang V2:
- Gibson .10-.46 strings:

Tuning: Drop C (tune to Drop D, then bring all the strings down a whole step)

So, this was my take on the ten best riffs you should definitely learn how to play if you're tuned down to drop C. Did I miss some great ones? Let me know in the comments!

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