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If you can't get enough of the Ohana Adventure 24 hours challenges and you want to know more about the family composed by Jase, Rachel, Klai, Rykel, Shae, Cora, Wyatt and Evelin Bennett, just watch today's video!


Hiya Virals! Tabb Lloyd here, and today we are going to talk about a family of eight!

The Ohana Adventure is a YouTube channel following the lives of Jase and Rachel Bennett along with their 6 children, Klai, Rykel, Shae, Cora, Wyatt and Evelin. They are a spontaneous family from Hawaii with a wide-range of interests. Here are ten facts you probably didn't know about them!

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#10 What does Ohana mean?
You might already know that Ohana means 'family' - but what you maybe didn't know is that it means family in an extended sense of the term, including blood-related, adoptive or intentional. The concept emphasizes that families are bound together and members must cooperate and remember one another.

#9 Skater 4 Life
The patriarch of the family, Jase, is a super cool skateboarder! He owns and operates a skateboard company and his boards are sold at Costco.

#8 A Family of Faith
The Bennetts are members of the Mormon faith. They routinely attend church and perform acts of service for others.

#7 “Look What You Made Me Do”
The eldest of the clan, Klai, went viral with a parody video of Taylor Swift’s “Teen Crush”. The video has been viewed over 61 million times and is the most viewed on the family’s channel.

#6 Strong Genes
All 8 members of the family took an Ancestry DNA test to trace their genetic roots. The results revealed a diverse background for everyone including traces of Great Britain, West Asia, Polynesia and even Africa!

#5 Growing Together, Learning Together
The Ohana Adventure puts a huge emphasis on spending time with family which is why Rachel and Jase choose to homeschool their children. Homeschool allows them to travel more often and it allows them more time to record daily vlogs.

#4 A Lasting Love
Jase and Rachel Bennett have been married for over 16 years. A year after they were married, Klailea was born.

#3 Homeless and On the Go!
The family wound up homeless after selling their home and not going through with the purchase of a new house. For six months the clan lived out of their van while traveling the country. They stayed with family and friends along the way before finally purchasing a home.

#2 Pop Princess
Klailea Bennett, the eldest sibling, is a singer and dancer. She’s featured in several of the family’s parody videos. She even has her own channel highlighting her interesting talents and hobbies.

#1 Demonetized
YouTube temporarily halted monetization for The Ohana Adventure due to changes in its policies related to content involving minors. With help from their peers, fans and followers The Bennett family was able to prove that their channel is a fun and safe space for children, getting reinstated in the Youtube Partner Program.

Who is your favorite member of the family? Let us know in the comments!

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