The 30 Best Superhero Movies Ever Made

04 Mar 2021

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Caped crusaders and awesome avengers are everywhere you look at the movies, and there's a great selection of crowd-pleasing blockbusters that take the format to new heights. From '70s classics to modern-day epics, these are the 30 best superhero movies ever made.

This 2010 film based on the comic series of the same name isn't your typical superhero story, and that's exactly what makes it so great. It's the story of a kid who really has no business being a hero but does it anyway, with bone-cracking, profane, with over-the-top action. Kick-Ass proved to be a breakout project for Aaron Johnson and Chloë Grace Moretz, and when veteran weirdo Nicolas Cage is involved, how can you possibly go wrong?

Chronicle gives the superhero genre the found footage treatment, telling the story of three teenagers who stumble upon a mysterious extraterrestrial object that grants them seemingly limitless superpowers. Of course, being a teen is hard enough, but being a teen with telekinesis? Well, that's too much of a burden to bear, and this superhero origin story quickly turns evil. A surprise hit, the movie resonated with critics and fans alike. Sure, there are moments when you'll wonder why the cameras are still rolling as psychic high school students battle it out in the sky, but the movie is such a tense thrill ride that you'll quickly forget any flaws as the movie heads towards its inevitable and horrific showdown.

Big Hero 6 is a loose adaptation of a quirky, obscure Marvel comic, and was one of the best films of 2014, animated, superhero, or otherwise. It follows a kid whose brother is tragically killed in a fire, and how he moves on from that loss by making friends with his brother's robot and the friends he left behind. When they realize there must have been more to the fire than it seemed, they suit up as superheroes to get justice, but not even the film's villain is as cut and dried as it might appear. The visuals are great, the tone is pitch perfect, and there's even a Stan Lee cameo. Keep watching the rest of the video to see the 30 best superhero movies ranked!

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30. Kick-Ass | 0:15
29. Chronicle | 0:50
28. Big Hero 6 | 1:28
27. Darkman | 2:02
26. Hellboy | 2:52
25. Deadpool | 3:27
24. X2: X-Men United | 3:51
23. Batman | 4:20
22. X-Men: Days of Future Past | 4:54
21. Batman Returns | 5:24
20. Shazam! | 6:12
19. Guardians of the Galaxy | 7:05
18. Dredd | 7:51
17. Captain America: Civil War | 8:32
16. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | 9:01
15. Thor: Ragnarok | 9:34
14. Captain America: The Winter Soldier | 10:20
13. Superman: The Movie | 11:03
12. Unbreakable | 11:33
11. Black Panther | 12:04
10. Wonder Woman | 13:08
9. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse | 13:58
8. Logan | 14:55
7. The Incredibles | 15:58
6. Avengers: Endgame | 16:44
5. Iron Man | 17:37
4. Avengers: Infinity War | 18:18
3. The Avengers | 19:13
2. Spider-Man 2 | 19:48
1. The Dark Knight | 20:44

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