TAKIN SHOTS Ep. 48 AFTER SHOW (Nipple Clamps, Silento, John Gray, Cheating For Money, and MORE)

02 Feb 2021

All I'm gonna say is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show lol.

00:05-You ever tried Nipple Clamps?
03:25-Silento Searches For His Girlfriend With A Hatchet
10:16-John Gray is caught being a Naughty Ned again.
14:42-Do women trust their friends around their man?
17:45-Cheating for money?
20:25-"He's stupid for cheating on her. She's gorgeous"
25:55-Girl says a guy can't pay for her nails using a credit card.
34:30-Bow Wow ALLEGEDLY has a young Roof Roof.
39:28-Our thoughts on bubble basketball.

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