Taeyang (태양) - Eyes, Nose, Lips (눈,코,입) Reaction (Honest Kpop MV Reactions)

26 Jul 2020

Taeyang is back with his lead single for his new album RISE. He shows you his Eyes, Nose, Lips, Nips, and more! Listen to find out! Just try to remember that we aren't trying to be mean. We are just being honest.

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Taeyang Reaction
태양 Reaction
Eyes, Nose, Lips Reaction
Eyes Nose Lips Reaction
Taeyang Eyes Nose Lips Reaction
Taeyang 눈,코,입 Reaction
Taeyang 눈코입 Reaction
태양 눈,코,입 Reaction
태양 눈코입 Reaction
Kpop Reaction
Kpop MV Reaction
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