Republicans Willfully Ignoring Threat Covid-19 Poses To Democracy, Says Everyone. Plus Headlines!

10 Jan 2021's Julianna Forlano gives a daily report on activism and the Progressive movement! Julianna discusses what's happening today 8/10/20:
1) Warning of GOP Voter Suppression, Progressives Urge Democrats to Reject Any Covid-19 Deal Without Election Assistance
Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans "are willfully ignoring the threat this pandemic poses to our democracy in an effort to suppress the vote." That’s according to a joint statement given last week by Stand Up America, Color of Change, Indivisible, Let America Vote/End Citizens United Action Fund, Public Citizen,and ME and anyone else with eyeballs connected to grey matter. Progressive voting rights groups are calling on Congressional Democrats to refuse to cut a deal on any Covid-19 relief proposal without money for election assistance.
2) Trump Just Admitted on Live Television He Will 'Terminate' Social Security and Medicare If Reelected in November
Donald Trump is promising to help the American people by permanently taking away their earned money and not letting them see a doctor. Sure if he put it like THAT even boomer - can’s would be upset. But what he said was he promises to "terminate" the funding mechanism for both Social Security and Medicare if reelected in November.
3) 'Has BP Just Woken Up to the #ClimateEmergency?' Oil Giant Announces 40% Production Cut by 2030
The Oil giant is committing to reducing its oil and gas production by 40 percent by 2030. Isn’t it convenient that the announcement comes amid declining fossil fuel consumption worldwide during the pandemic? Is this green washing? We need answers.
4) Democratic Bill Banning Toxic Pesticides in US Applauded as 'Much-Needed' Step to Protect Kids and the Planet
Democrats in the House and Senate have introduced sweeping legislation that would ban some of the most toxic pesticides currently in use in the United States and institute stronger protections for farmworkers and communities that have been exposed to damaging chemicals by the agriculture industry. The Protect America's Children from Toxic Pesticide Act of 2020, was applauded by environmentalists as a "bold and much-needed" step in the right direction. If passed, the bill would end the use of chlorpyrifos, an organophosphate pesticide linked to brain damage in children
ACTION: Call you Senator and urge them to vote yes on the Protect America's Children from Toxic Pesticide Act of 2020
5) Teacher Protests Erupt As #DemandSafeSchools Takes Off
The hashtag #DemandSafeSchools is going viral as teachers and students in districts across the country take part in protests over plans for in-person learning in fall despite safety concerns from Covid-19. Last week, actions took place in dozens of major cities, with some advocates joining the day of action with virtual displays of support. Protesters are demanding no school reopening until the scientific data supports it; police-free schools; and that all schools must be supported to function as community schools with adequate numbers of counselors and nurses and community/parent outreach workers.
ACTION: go to to find an action near you
6) Rights Groups Push Biden to Commit to Ending All Abortion Coverage Restrictions
Progressive advocacy groups are urging presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to commit to fighting for reproductive rights for all by releasing a concrete plan to repeal the Hyde Amendment. The anti-choice law is a decades-old measure prohibiting federal funding for most abortion procedures.
ACTION: Write your own postcard to be delivered to Biden’s campaign headquarters at
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