Relay Computer 2020 Review: Assembly Language

25 Oct 2020

As I've now reached a significant milestone where my relay computer can perform branching it's time for a short series of review videos to cover off what's been achieved so far and to look at what's coming next. In this episode I give an overview of the assembly language I've created for my computer to make programming it easier.

As I post further videos in this 'mini-series' throughout Jan 2020 I'll link them here:

Architecture -
Instruction Set -
Assembly Language (this video)
Programming -
Computer Tour -
Computer Demo -

Chapters in this video:
00:32 - Introduction
01:13 - Why Assembly Language?
03:48 - Mnemonics: 8-bit Move
06:21 - Mnemonics: 8-bit Load Immediate
07:59 - Mnemonics: Arithmetic Operations
09:42 - Mnemonics: Logic Operations
12:58 - Mnemonics: Branching
16:57 - Mnemonics: 16-bit Load Immediate
19:05 - Mnemonics: Literal Opcode
20:52 - Upcoming Mnemonics
23:34 - Mnemonic/Opcode Map
27:10 - Railroad Diagram Summaries
27:25 - Relay Computer IDE / Code Editor

Links in this video:
Assembly Mnemonics Set:

The architecture of my computer is based upon the RC-3 relay computer at the Museum of Computer Culture by Phil Ryals and his team which is itself based on the Dr Harry Porter’s relay computer (HRPC). The following sites are also worth a good look and have a wealth of information available:
RC-3 Relay Computer:

The architecture diagram seen in my video is a reproduction of Harry Porter's original and used with kind permission here - thanks Harry.

More details about the computer can be found at my blog:

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