Prodigy || April 6th, Only on Quibi

Bán Kính Em
Bán Kính Em
22 Oct 2020

Uplifting, intimate and insightful, PRODIGY is a cinematic documentary series that tells the stories of eight incredible young athletes and highlights what it's taken for them to climb to the top of their craft.

Each episode emphasizes the returns we derive from of our collective belief and investment in each other. And the example set by each of these Prodigies and their families, illustrates the virtue in treating each other with love, compassion and care, especially when times are hard. And drives home the notion that with loved ones by our side, each one of us has the ability to unlock our fullest potential and turn our wildest dreams into our most vivid realities.

Check out Prodigy on Quibi on April 6th. We’re confident you’ll find as much value in learning about these athletes’ stories as we found in capturing, crafting and sharing them with you.



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Produced by: @Park Stories
Post by: @bssoutpost
EPs/Producers: @randgetlin + @janinasaid
Directors: @lukaskorver + @randgetlin
Co-Producer + Line Producer: @brycecyrier
Written & Edited by: @lucasharger
Add’l Editors: @sambiamonte, @50chent, @lexihiland
Sound Design + Mix: @steebhouse
Colorist: @briansingler
Graphic Designer: @apgreaves

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