Peacock Spider dancing to Silento's

02 Feb 2021

My mom and I were watching a video about the peacock spiders. These peacock spiders dance to attract their mates. While my mom and I were watching she thought one of the spiders looked like they were doing the "Whip/NaeNae" so I decided to record the video of the spiders dancing along with Silento's Watch me(Whip/NaeNae) song and this was the result! LOL!!! It is hilariously perfect! It syncs so well together! Wait until you get to the "Stanky Leg" part, thats where it gets good! LOL! Enjoy! xD and feel free to share it with others! :D
Credits to~
Video that was being recorded is by SciFri and all Lab footage was taken by Madeline Girard
Audio in video is Silento's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)

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