PATREON ANNOUNCEMENT: BTS Run Reactions, Unedited Videos, and MORE! (sorry i got emotional ?)

Em Bán Kính
Em Bán Kính
10 Mar 2021


Hey guys! I guess it is time that I officially announce that I have created a Patreon! On this Patreon, we will have exclusive reactions to the BTS Run series, other exclusive videos, unedited videos, polls, live streams, chats, AND MUCH MORE! I am still working on getting all of the tiers figured out, but bare with me because I have never used this website! Hahaha. But I want to say thank you to ALL of you that subscribed to my channel and my Patreon!

I’ll have more announcements regarding the Patreon on Monday, but feel free to subscribe and watch my reaction to the FIRST episode of Run!! Also, the Watcher tier gets access to my BTS ON Music Video reaction unedited!

Feel free to suggest new music to me every week!

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