Original FACES OF DEATH Pt1 (Full Movie) Experience the graphic reality of death, close up

04 Mar 2021


The most bizarre, grisly , death experiences are now documented in this graphic study of man's greatest fear -- the fear of death. With uncensored never- before - filmed footeage, FACES OF DEATH captures the many portraits of death closeup, sure to shock, horrify and even repulse. Those who dare view this brutal film, must do so at their own risk.
Traveling the world over, FACES OF DEATH takes us inside the clinical autopsy room, down death row peering through the window as the electric chair claims its vidtim, and sheds light on the bizarre cult rituals ranging from decapitations to head shrinking.
No one can view FACES OF DEATH untouched, Each confronted with one's mortality and ultimately with the question of which face of death shall turn up next.
You don't have to like FACES OF DEATH but you will have to see it!

writer Alan Black
Director Conan Leclaire
Producer Sosilyn T Scott
Creative Consultant and Narrator Dr Francis B Gross
Aprox 105 min

Banned in 46 countries!
WARNING: this film has not been rated because of its bratal explicit depiction of actual death. The content and subject matter may not be suitable for those under 18, those with weak hearts, and those of delicate nature.

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