Oh, Wisconsin! Let's get ready for some recalls!

Bán Kính Em
Bán Kính Em
02 Nov 2020

Locksley's "Oh, Wisconsin!" has quickly become my favorite song of 2011, and it's a great soundtrack for a look back at where all this recall business started. Tomorrow's election day, like many things that originate in Wisconsin, is unprecedented in American history. Wisconsinites, please do whatever you can to help with get out the vote efforts tomorrow and then press that energy forward into the campaign to recall Scott Walker starting in November. There's a big milestone in sight, but it's not the finish line!

(Special thanks to everyone whose videos and pictures I appropriated, and Locksley for hopefully not filing a DMCA claim. :) )

[ETA: The tune can be downloaded for free or donation from locksley.bandcamp.com, with all proceeds going to Wisconsin Public Schools.]

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