Nokia Stock Short Squeeze? What's Next for NOK?

02 Feb 2021

Nokia Stock had a WILD week among the GameStop and AMC hype. What's next for NOK Stock? Where is Nokia stock going from here? Is NOKIA Stock a Good buy? Is NOK a good investment in 2021? If you're holding NOK to "support he cause" against Wall St. - this video is probably not going
to do much for you. I'm focused on the long term outlook for Nokia, as an investment. I'm 100% on the retail investors side here but let's talk investing.

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Video agenda:
00:00 - 0) Introduction
03:15 - 1) Nokia Stock History
05:39 - 2) Business & Fundamentals
10:14 - 3) Where is Nokia stock going?

Investors are excited about Nokia Stock because of their future in 5G and 6G. Nokia is one of the main leaders in these technologies and is one of the handful of companies that are doing 5G around the world. Nokia supplies equipment necessary for countries to have the infrastructure to run 5G, and this is very important for future IoT devices.

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