NEW LGBTQ Movie 2021 | Lady and Lover, Eng Sub | Lesbians film, Full Movie 1080P

Em Bán Kính
Em Bán Kính
10 Mar 2021

Synopsis: 2021 New LGBTQ Movie "Lady and Lover" is about a story of lesbian girls. Xu Mengnan is an orphan and was adopted by a pastor. Then she made friends with anther girl, Yu Yue. They grew up together and had a special feeling to each other. Yu Yue's father Song Lin is a gambler and owes high debt. The debtee asks Song Lin to pay it with his daughter. Then a flower girl is gone. The sad Xu Mengnan puts on female dress and decides to avenge her lover.

Studio: Ding Xing Film
Producer: Xue Shao
Director: Xue Shao
Writer: Xiong Tao, Xue Shao
Starring: Kemi, Wu Xiaoli
Genres: #LGBTQ

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