My #88 th Vlog! The ASHLAND SPRINGS Hotel!! (read description!)

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Hài kịch mới
26 Jul 2020

Disclaimer!! THis video is not sponsored! Thanks The Ashland Springs hotel is located in Ashland a beautiful town of Oregon! It’s now 95 years old this 2020! The landmark Ashland Sring hotel stands where, in 1850s gold seekers passed their way nearby Jacksonville,,later wagons travelled an a emigrant road!! During this past 90 years the magnificent hotel in the town center ,known as the Lithia Springs Hotel! Or the more recently called the Mark Anthony Hotel! Then they dreamed of having a luxurious hotel! In 1925 the 100 room Lithia Springs Hotel opened with elegant dinner for 500 guests from all over Northern California and Oregon! This hotel was very impressive to most people and this is the tallest building between Portland And San Francisco! This beautiful hotel the pride of the community ,with grand 2 story lobby! The amazing terrazzo floor and the big huge fireplace! This hotel was remodelled and changed the name so several times! In 1937 they did a renovation reduced the number of rooms and remodelled some parts of the upper floors! Then in 1960 an English Tudor theme and named now Mark Anthony hotel from Lithia hotel! This was all about the Shakespeare Festival! Mark Anthony hotel rooms remodelled,built a swimming pool,and ballroom remodelled too! Then by 1977 the 52 year old hotel,a new owner decided to restore the building to its 1925 grandeur,then it was recognized
By the National of historic places as the property’s heritage year 1978! So they began again another remodelling in 1998! By the new owner Mr. and Mrs.Doug and Becky Neuman! They put new air conditions, ventilation, heating, plumbing and electricals! But at the same time kept the historic features , installing the original chandeliers in the ballroom! In the lobby and othe public areas,and naturalist theme! Now hotel with 70 luxuriously rooms clean and cozy! The windows are 1920s big and large to view the gorgeous downtown of Ashland, the Oregon Shakespeare festival campus and the Grizzly Peak as the land mark!
At present Ashland Springs Hotel is the most gorgeous, amazing luxurious, elegant splendid, features of its 1925 beginnings and continuos that early traditional of equal in luxury and amazing to any hotel in Oregon!
So if anyone likes to have a short vacation in Ashland , stay at this Ashland Springs Hotel ! We had a great happy experienced staying here for 2 night and 3 days! People at the counter and everyone were so good and very accommodating and approachable! They have the Larks restaurant ! And Ashland very unique and cute town many shops and places to go and places to eat! I enjoyed myself and planning to go back again! Thanks by , Love LUZZY

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