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hey you guys! I am so happy to be bringing you this VLOG/UNBOXING !!!! you guys know I have been struggling with my lighting for a long time. I'm sure this is going to be exciting for me as well as my subbies. all I want to do is bring you quality knowledgeable fun nail videos!! hopefully this is just one more step closer to my goal. please let me know if you notice the difference and if you enjoy the videos better now that I have better lighting!

📦📦📦📦products used 📦📦📦📦

Inkeltech 18" ring light:AMAZON

Do you need a clear review and detailed demonstration of your product?? Reach out to me and let's see what we can come up with ( NO FEE)
email :

Donations welcomed

thank you so much for watching! I'll see you next video!!!💋💋💋💋

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