MLB The Show 20 Franchise Mode | Philadelphia Phillies | EP 83 | Kyle Dohy MLB Debut

02 Feb 2021

The Phillies have struggled to find a consistent lefty arm in their bullpen for many seasons. With many one or two year wonders in the majors, can left flamethrower Kyle Dohy stick around, or will his age 26 season be his final in the majors.

Series Rules:

Live Roster Update:
Players that receive a live roster update will be granted live series upgrades. Players will not be subtracted attributes based on live series updates.

Starters To Relievers/Relievers To Starters
Starters transitioning to relievers can have stamina turned into other attributes (-2 Stamina = +1 non velocity stat). Relievers transitioning to starters can have durability subtracted and added to stamina (-2 Durability = +1 Stamina).

Save The Veterans
Veteran players under the age 33 will have their regression reversed based on having productive season.

Four Aces
Pitching rotation may not contain more than four pitchers with A potential.

Peak Performance
All players will receive +1 to every category (excluding pitch velocity) until they reach their primes (C-26, B-27, A-28). Ages based off average player development time.

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