MLB The Show 18 - Cincinnati Reds Franchise Mode #21

02 Feb 2021

The Reds are back in the playoffs....but for how long? Can we get past the Padres in the Wild Card?

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The rules of Draft To Glory are simple,

1. No trading
2. No major free agent signings.

We only build and acquire players through the draft.


Current Roster

Joe Bailey
Eduardo Herrera
Steve Carrasco
domingo trevino
Luis Cedeno
Clyde Martin
richie burnett
Pedro Rodriguez
Harmon Malgrat
Tommy Alonso
Winston Medina
Mariano Pena
Rey Nielsen
Domingo Flores
Robert powers
Willie Butcher
Orlando Rosas
Eric Valencia
Daniel Stapleton
Vincent Medley
Benedict Prescott
Joseph Dye
Daniel Dias
Jason Lord

Bruce Boyle
alex shearer
edwin valazquez
John Johnson
Andres Tavarez
Agustin Silva
Jack Burden
michael chen

Will Vincent
Napoleon Gillis
Jimmie Price
Lincoln Post
Norman Garner
Chris Velez
Chad Padilla
Jorge Cervantes
Russell Zarate
Richie Montgomery
Drew Taveras
Ray Woodall
Guillermo Cairo

Henry Shipman
Josh Rincon
Damion Camacho
martin abreu

Bobby Bloom
Marlon Pugh
Eddy Welsh
Richie McCauley
Antonio Serrano

Graham Edwards
Francesco Jimenez
Alexis Cabrera
Robby Esparza
Abdul Elam

Ramon Vasquez
Henry Lewis

Fernando Chavez
Joe Quinlan
Jose Cardenas

Carmen Avila
Juan Calzado
Dave Miles
Scott Claussen
Nicholas Lawson
Chet Hines

Bryant Kay
Stephan Booth

Tom Lau
Archie May
Craig Leary
Ryen Fernandez

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