Maria Zack how Italy-Vatican interfered in US election Arturo Delia Admits stealing USA elections!

10 Jan 2021

This is inside information from Maria Zack on Italien owned Satelite systems rented and operated by the Vatican that involves a NATO Allie of the United States having been involved in the election fraud of November 3rd 2020! This brings the whole scam into a totally new League, obviously it became necessary to pause for several moments on behalf of the whit-heads in order to adjust their strategy going forward accordingly.
The implementations for handling of Allies including several European countries are just as obvious as the clear fact that the "EU" as such is a main enemy of the United States of Trumps America, whichever way the patriots are going to form this new US-setup! One thing is clear, the "EU" cannot and will not survive this!

The source from where I downloaded this video is from BounderandTiger:
it was published there on January 7th 2021

In case this channel is being taken down, you can reach me always on Telegram under "Erwachen im Paradies"

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