March 26, 2014 (QP4) Pierre Poilievre on the Fair Elections Act in Response to Craig Scott

10 Jan 2021

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Mr. Craig Scott (Toronto—Danforth, NDP):
Mr. Speaker, some time ago, the Chief Electoral Officer formed an advisory board of notable Canadians like Michael Wilson, Preston Manning, and Sheila Fraser.
Given the government's attacks on the CEO, will the Minister of State for Democratic Reform assure Canadians that the Treasury Board would never deny requests under Bill C-23's proposed subsection 20(1) to cover costs associated with engaging these advisors on a temporary basis?
Will the government agree to amend this deeply flawed bill to make that change?

Hon. Pierre Poilievre (Minister of State (Democratic Reform), CPC):
Mr. Speaker, not only does the government support the Advisory Committee of Political Parties that currently exists, but we are in fact also going to make it a statutory body so that the CEO of Elections Canada can consult with all political parties, not just those recognized in the House of Commons, before he issues new interpretations. This will allow for interpretations of law and advanced rulings to be consistent so that all parties play by the same rules.

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