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26 Jul 2020

Hi Everyone

Welcome back to my Channel

hope you like my Kpop inspired Learning the Alphabet (KPOP 2020 edition)

YOU'RE FREE TO ANSWER MY Q&A that I posted on the last part of the video
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Hope you enjoy it and Thanks for Watching!!

"Any Song" MV [Zico]: https://youtu.be/UuV2BmJ1p_I

"Bouncy" MV [Rocket Punch]: https://youtu.be/QqggrSpICM0

"Can't you see me" MV [TXT]: https://youtu.be/cMFHUTJ13Ys

"Dumhdurum" MV [Apink]: https://youtu.be/WqzTRK5GPWQ

"Eight" MV [IU ft. Suga]: https://youtu.be/TgOu00Mf3kI

"Fiesta" MV [Iz*one]: https://youtu.be/eDEFolvLn0A

"God's Menu" MV [Stray Kids]: https://youtu.be/TQTlCHxyuu8

"How You Like That" MV [Blackpink]: https://youtu.be/ioNng23DkIM

"I'm in Trouble" MV [Nu'est]: https://youtu.be/4Lm9u-iXrDc

"Jungle" MV [BVNDIT]: https://youtu.be/NQJgoA96fUY

"Knock" MV [Astro]: https://youtu.be/Zz7YZtpz2Ek

"Left & Right" MV [Seventeen]: https://youtu.be/HdZdxocqzq4

"More & More" MV [Twice]: https://youtu.be/mH0_XpSHkZo

"Monster" MV [Red Velvet Irene and Seulgi]: https://youtu.be/Ujb-gvqsoi0
"Nonstop" MV [Oh My Girl]: https://youtu.be/iDjQSdN_ig8

"On" MV [BTS]: https://youtu.be/mPVDGOVjRQ0

"Punch" MV [NCT 127]: https://youtu.be/U08OSl3V4po

"Maria" MV [Hwasa]: https://youtu.be/tDukIfFzX18

"Ridin'" MV [NCT Dream]: https://youtu.be/vofjeJvRT9c

"Stay Tonight"  MV [Chungha]: https://youtu.be/YPFIh0dfYfw

"Telephone" MV [EXO-SC ft.10 CM]: https://youtu.be/5Lw38CVAVxw

"What you waiting for" MV [Somi]: https://youtu.be/lBYyAQ99ZFI

"Mayday" MV [Victon]: https://youtu.be/PMLPefdwM00

"Wannabe" MV [Itzy]: https://youtu.be/fE2h3lGlOsk

"Oh my God" MV [G I-dle]: https://youtu.be/om3n2ni8luE

"Yessir" MV [3ye]: https://youtu.be/ASekpYn6V8I

"Zombie" MV [Day6]: https://youtu.be/k8gx-C7GCGU

"Sweet Summer Day" TWICE instrumental: https://youtu.be/cPFzcVRKfSY

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