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Kpop things that make me uncomfortable

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Đã xuất bản lúc 26 Jul 2020 / trong Âm nhạc

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel :) The editing in this video is a little iffy but it was really therapeutic to make so I kinda wanted to post it anyways. Let me know what you think about my opinions (although I'm pretty sure I won't be changing them due to the nature of this specific video) respectfully in the comments, and tell me about what makes you feel uncomfortable about K-pop too :)

Thumb by my friend Kendra, go follow her :) alise.k6 on IG
Intro: No Air by The Boyz
Outro: Count 1 2 by TOO

What's my name/what pronouns do I go by?
Ava, she/her :)

What apps/programs do I use to edit my videos?
Combination of videostar and cute cut pro (paid) and imovie (free with an iphone).

How do I get my robot voice?
I use the iphone app texttospeech but there are plenty of other websites and apps you can use

Do I make money off these videos?
Nope- if you're getting ads, it's because Youtube's ContentID system hates me.

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