Kent Armstrong Classic Vintage Strat Replacement Pickup Demo by WD Music UK

25 Oct 2020

STV-1 Kent Armstrong Classic Vintage Strat Replacement Pickup Demo brought to you by WD Music UK

Using Alnico V magnets and with a D.C. output of 6.5K, the Kent Armstrong Classic Vintage replacement Strat pickup is a vintage-style single coil pickup with a tight, balanced low-end response and sweet chimey highs. Excellent upgrade where vintage tone is a must and a little extra output is desired.

Order them from the official Kent Armstrong distributor WD Music UK where you can select between different pickup cover colours as well as the option to select between standard wound, standard polarity for both bridge and neck positions and reverse wound, reverse polarity for the middle position. This set up will allow for hum-cancelling in switch positions 2 and 4.

The guitar:
This is an instrument that we had put together several years ago as an office demo guitar and it consists of:

Hosco Alder Sonic Blue body:

Gotoh GE101TS tremolo bridge:

KTS Titanium PR-11 Saddles:

Gotoh SD91-05MN HAP Height Adjustable Vintage-style machine heads:

Tone Ninja Pre-slotted top nut:

WD USA-made parchment 3 ply Pickguard:

CTS250 pots:

Oak USA 5 way switch:

WD paper and oil capacitor .047uF value:

Gotoh Jack socket plate:

Switchcraft Jack socket:

Gotoh neck plate:

The recording set up:

We plugged the guitar directly into our reissue Fender Twin for the clean tones on the first half of the demo. The crunch / distorted tones were all courtesy of WD UK’s Dan Kennett’s very own TwoRock Sensor combo amp using the built-in lead channel - no pedals in the chain. We mic’d up using a combination of an SM57 and Beyer M160 ribbon microphone straight into an audio interface that goes directly into Logic with a touch of reverb added. Nothing else was added in post production (so no EQ, compression, delay, chorus e.t.c…) so you are hearing the pickups in their purest form.

Demo reluctantly and averagely performed by Ben Green of WD Music UK. I’m no professional, go easy on the comments.

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