I'M SORRY KTOWN4U ? (Store Review + Kpop Haul!)

26 Jul 2020

Today we're beginning an experiment to see what the best kpop store out there is..and maybe haul some kpop along the way.
In this series we'll be discussing:
- Album prices,
- Shipping prices (and options)
- Shipping time
- Customer service,
- Boxes and packaging
and then I end the video with a kpop album haul!

Feel free to suggest stores as well as leave your feedback from these stores in the comments!

❄️ Trade and Sale Spreadsheet ❄️



💿 Upcoming Unboxings: 💿

📦 = Shipped

♡ Haul!
♡ IZ*ONE 1st Japanese Single (CD+DVD, CD Only)
♡ IZ*ONE 1st Japanese Single Fanclub Version
♡ Monsta X 2nd Full Album Repack We Are Here (I,II,III,IV)

💿 Ordering: 💿

♡ Hoya 1st Japanese Single Album
♡ If there's a physical for IFNT's new release you know ill throw everything at it 👀
♡ VeriVery??? Idk
♡ Jisung Solo Album
♡ Taemin
♡ Dreamcatcher Comeback
♡ SF9 Comeback

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