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25 Oct 2020

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Sachidananda aka Kicha (Sudeep) is a rough and macho college rowdy and also The Students Union Chairman of the college, who uses violence as the only way to deal with people. He lives with his brother, a Magistrate (Avinash), and his sister-in-law, who is the only person who seems to understand him properly.

The movie opens with Huchcha winning the elections to the office bearers of the college's Students Union followed by celebrations and in-campus fight between the rival candidates.

Huchcha has a staple diet of yes-sir friends surrounding him. He comes across a timid girl, Abishta (Rekha Vedavyas), who is the daughter of a poor temple priest, and starts to woo her. When she initially rejects him, he kidnaps her and forces her to fall in love with him.

When the girl falls in love with him, Huchcha is attacked by brothel goons and ends up in a swamiji ashram with brain damage. With no memory of his past and having developed an unusual behaviour, he starts to recollect memories. At one point, he is completely back to his normal self and tries to escape by climbing over the gates. Unfortunately, he fails and ends up with serious injuries.

Whilst sleeping with his injury, Abishta makes a surprise visit. However Huchcha is asleep and she leaves with this woeful memory of him. As she is about to leave the institution, he wakes up and realises that she had come to see him. As he calls out, she leaves unable to hear him.

Persistent to meet her he makes another attempt to leave the institution and this time he is successful. When he arrives at her house he is presented with his love unfortunately dead. He realises that she had committed suicide.

Distraught after what he saw, he just walks out and at that point he is met with the mental institution wardens who came chasing after him. The film ends with Huchcha leaving with them as he has nothing to live for after his true love's death.

Film :
Stars: Sudeep, Rekha, Bhavya, Baby Raksha, Namitha, Shailaja Joshi, Sanha, Pavithra Lokesh, M N Lakshmidevi, Tharakesh, Anju Mahendra, Umesh Punga, Kote Prabhakar, Sridhar, Mahadev Hejjaji, Dharanendraiah, Dharmendra, Vijaykumar, Somu, Avinash, Shivaram, Venkata Rao, M D Kaushik.
Director : N Omprakash Rao.
Co-Director : Devaraj Palan.
Associate Director : Gangadhar.
Assistant Director: Rajesh.
Producer:Smt K Meharunnisa Rehaman, K Musthafa
Story : Bala (Remake of Sethu (Tamil) (1999))

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