How to Hack Your CPAP and Keep Your Private Data OUT OF THE INSURANCE COMPANY'S HANDS

26 Jul 2020

Sleep Apnea is a tragic condition that effects millions of Americans. The CPAP machine is the most effective treatment for Sleep Apnea, other than losing weight. But Insurance Companies closely monitor your usage of the CPAP machine using an internal modem, and data from an SD Card. They do this in order to make sure you are using it enough to merit them paying a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) company. If you go even slightly off-track, the DME will swiftly repossess the machine.
This helpful tutorial shows you how you can avoid having your machine repossessed using some simple programming and hacking. Simply change the data on your machine to fool the insurance company into thinking you are using it. You will also prevent them or anyone else from having your private sleep data. It's your business, and your business alone, to know how many AHI events you experience in an evening!

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