Historical Election Results Look Good For Progressives

10 Jan 2021

act.tv's Julianna Forlano gives a daily report on activism and the Progressive movement! Julianna discusses what's happening today 11/4/20:
1) Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Has Officially Received The Most Votes For President In US History.
But that doesn’t mean he automatically wins… because of the Electoral College. But in late breaking news, Biden has taken the lead in Michigan and Arizona, Nevada and Wisconsin. He now leads in states worth 270 electoral votes. The number needed to win.
2) And As Trump Moves to Steal Election, 500+ Demonstrations Planned to Protect the Results
Votes are still being counted in several key states across the US, and no winner has been determined in the presidential election. Even so, and as expected, Trump is falsely claiming a "big win" despite many millions of votes yet to be counted. Advocacy organizations have been preparing for this situation, as they predicted it would occur, and they’re ready to respond. The "Protect the Results" coalition will mobilize across the United States today, with more than 500 demonstrations set to take place this afternoon as the vote count continues, with a trio of key battlegrounds at the center of the nation's attention: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. #ProtectTheResults
ACTION: You can do your part to help make sure every vote is counted at protecttheresults.com.
Local elected officials are ready to #CountEveryVote. Be patient. Let them do their jobs. There is no winner until every vote is counted.
“Record voter turnout is confirming what we already know: this election is a historic turning point for our democracy and Americans have demanded their voices be heard! #DemocracyRising
All votes cast on or before Election Day count equally - whether they are counted and reported on November 3rd or not. Federal law demands a full 35 days for ballot counting and election certification in all 50 states and D.C. In 1960, 1968, 1976, 2000, 2004, and 2016, there was no clear winner on election night. All things considered, we should expect this year will be no different.
3) All 4 members of 'The Squad' reelected to House
All four congresswomen known endearingly as “the Squad” have won re-election. Since taking office in January 2019, Representatives Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, all women of color, have electrified the left's progressive base and challenged President Donald Trump and his allies.
4) Cori Bush makes history as 1st Black woman to represent Missouri in Congress
Not only has the squad successfully defended their seats, but they’re expanding. After Cori Bush's victory last night, the state of Missouri will for the first time in its history have a Black woman representing it in Congress.
5) Sarah McBride to become first transgender state senator in U.S. history
Sarah McBride made history yesterday, after she won her Delaware state Senate race, poising her to become the first and only openly transgender state senator in the U.S. and the country's highest-ranking trans official.
6) In NY, The working Family Party, who Andrew Cuomo has been trying to fit with a nice pair of cement shoes for quite some time now, will remain on the ballot in NY, showing that NY’s progressive movement is stronger than ever!
7) 99-year-old Black man born on a plantation votes: 'I just hope that things get better'
A 99-year-old Black man born to a plantation sharecropper was just one of the record number of voters who turned out yesterday. And he’s urging Americans to follow his lead and exercise their right to vote. Robert H. Smith of Jackson, Mississippi said he remembers when he couldn't vote as a result of Jim Crow laws, like literacy tests and poll taxes.
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