Easy Songs for Saxophone to impress your friends with (Saxophone Lessons BC108)

25 Oct 2020

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In this video I will teach you how to play 3 easy songs using only the notes (well, nearly) that I have shown you so far.

The song list:

Ain't no Sunshine - Bill Withers
I want to break free - Queen
Titanium - David Guetta (in the original key...play it with the video! :))

Hope you enjoy these, great tunes and an awesome way to get your fingers around the first few notes on the Saxophone.

This is part of Dan Christian's totally free saxophone lesson series, coming (stamina dependent) daily!! Dan is a British Saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist who has been teaching and performing on saxophone for over 10 years. He is an educator first and a performer second but always open to gig invites =)

Come visit me at DanChristian.net for more videos and musings.

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