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Dota 2: Arteezy - K-Pop to activate Mode Farm | 10 Hours into Stream and you get Sniper and Techies

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Đã xuất bản lúc 26 Jul 2020 / trong Âm nhạc

Karma strikes back as the enemy Pangolier in Arteezy's lane (Anti-Mage), takes advantage of the bottle bug introduced by 'Aghanim's Labyrinth'. The enemy Void also seems to be able to constantly bash. Arteezy decides to go into 'Farm Mode' and begins listening to K-Pop.

For his final game, he plays Morphling and his tiredness is definitely showing. Some extremely weird plays during the laning stage, and the fact that he had a Techies and Sniper on his team, did not have Arteezy's hopes up. But he persisted and was able to play a pretty clean Morphling game.

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00:00 - 06:12 - Farming to K-Pop
06:13 - 11:50 - Morphling, Not Even Once

#Arteezy #Rtz #Dota2

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