Don't Listen to the Short-term Noise: A Post-election Perspective - Presentation PREVIEW

10 Jan 2021

This timely presentation will assist Advisors to create a story when talking with clients about the post- election market uncertainty and to effectively guide them through it into 2021 and toward their goals:

During the presentation, Don Connelly will address three key questions that Advisors need an answer to right now:

1. What do I do to gain momentum going into the 2021?
2. What do I say?
3. How do I say it so it makes an impact?

This is a step-by-step guide that every Financial Advisors tasked with leading their clients through uncertain times and distracting volatility needs.

This is a crucial and timely message that your prospective and current clients need to hear from you.

If you think this webinar/conference call would be of value to your firm, please have your branch manager or home office call 941.346.1166 or email so we can discuss details and available dates to get Don Connelly in front of your entire team. Let me help your team to create a story when talking with clients about the post-election market uncertainty, to focus them on their goals and to confidently and effectively lead them into 2021.

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