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Bán Kính Em
Bán Kính Em
22 Oct 2020

Watch Full HD Movie #Deadly2 #JhankarMusic

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Starring - Adithya, Suhasini, Devaraj, Ravi Kale, Meghana
Director - Ravi Srivatsa
Producer - Manjunath Gowda
Music - Sadhu Kokila
Music LABEL - Jhankar Music

It's the story of how a promising cricketer is forced to come into contact with the underworld and rowdies and changes his life for the worse.

It's a movie for those who love action, underworld activities, blood-chilling murders and fighting. The story revolves around Deadly Soma (Adithya), who wants to become a good cricketer, but circumstances force him to become a rowdy. The bad patch in Soma's life begins when his friend Punda brings him Rs 10 lakh to pay as bribe to get selected to the state team. But he fails to get selected. Life takes a turn for the worse for Soma, who kills the man who took the money. Meter Mohan, who had given Rs 10 lakh to Soma, humiliates him by asking him to run without his shirt and trousers. Soma kills him in retaliation and enters the 'wanted' list of police and the underworld. Three police officers Ashok (Devaraj),Ugrappa (RaviKale) and Mani (Praveen) kill him point-blank in front of his mother. The movie ends with a message: Live in peace, and abide by the law.

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