Cops Called Over A Camera - Audit goes BAD to good.

Nhạc Chill
Nhạc Chill
10 Mar 2021

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The videos start with both Auditors recording unrestricted public-access areas at the WA. State Dept. of Health,

While filming the grounds, a number of public employees confront the two.

The employees certainly have the right to be aware and inquire the reason of a visitors presence, but a question from a state worker doesn’t require a response or the despicable actions they chose to employ against the two.
Eventually, they employees call 911 and local law enforcement arrives.

A long while back I had an issue with objective vs subjective, so real quick. This video that I’ve made is a subjective record. I am the subject, incorporating my bias during a review.

An record that is objective sticks to the facts only, without incorporating feelings.

Saying that people are filming is an objective fact, stating that the people filming are up to no good is subjective, as i would subjectively state that their work is important.

Regardless, I wanted to highlight this video because my comment section is filled with comments of “he talks to much, and never talk to the police.” As I personally feel that is the golden rule and would personally never speak, I am not an auditor.

As Cameras Everywhere wrote in his description, it's important for auditors to develop effective and truthful statements of purpose, as they will be asked by everyone they encounter.
Responding with
“I'm creating an objective record about public interests for public review” or “I'm recording matters of public interest for publication” Asserts that you are press while also utilizing the phrase Public Interest, which is relevant in case law pertaining to the first amendment and is a solid way to state your intentions without incriminating yourself.

Eventually, an officer of the shoreline police department and a deputy of the sheriff’s office arrive and knew that what they were doing was legal. They informed the employees and left without issue.

#1stAmendment #Audit #CopsOwned

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