Chinese Historical Drama OST Compilation; 2018/ 2019 Playlist

26 Jul 2020

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all pictures and music belong to the rightful owners they are not mine I'm just putting together my favorite osts
1. Unsullied- Mao Buyi (Ashes of Love OST)
2. Chilly- Yang Zhongwei & Zhang Bi Chen (10 Miles of Peach Blossom/Eternal Love OST)
3. Nine Part Rhymes- Jiu Zhang Ji ( The Eternal Love OST)
4. Sigh- Ju Jingyi (The Legend of Yunxi OST)
5. A Lonesome Fragrance- Henry Huo (General and I OST)
6. Legend of Fuyao theme song- Karen Mok
7. Juvenile in White (I Will Never Let You Go Ending Song)
8. First Meet/First Encounter-Chen Xing Xu & Peng Xiao Ran (Goodbye My Princess OST)
9. Hard to Get Love- Lala Hsu (Legend of Fu Yao OST)
10. A Lifetime Waiting for You-Tia Ray (Bloody Romance OST)
11. Heart of Palms- Della Ding (Lanling King/ Prince of Lanling OST)
12. If Heaven has Compassion- A Lin ( The Princess Weiyoung OST)
13. Love Casualty- Katherine Lu (Goodbye my Princess OST)
14. Like a Song- Jason Zhang (The Flame's Daughter OST)
15. Star and Moon- Yisa Yu & Reno Wang (Princess Agents OST)
16. Pian Ai- Zhang Yun Jing (Chinese Paladin 3 OST)
17. Untouchable Lovers Ending Song
18. Upwards to the Moon-Sa Dingding (Ashes of Love OST)
19. Three Lives Three World- Jason Zhang (10 Miles of Peach Blossom/ Eternal Love OST)
20. The Sound of Falling Snow- Lu Hu (Story of Yanxi Palace OST)
21. Zhao Yao- Chen Chu Sheng (The Legends OST)
22. The Legends Ending Song

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