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04 Mar 2021

Free Western Movie: Canadian Pacific - Cowboy Movie - A surveyor for the Canadian Pacific Railroad must fight fur trappers who oppose the building of the railroad by stirring up Indian rebellion.

Canadian Pacific (1949)
Director: Edwin L. Marin
Writers: Jack DeWitt (screenplay), Kenneth Gamet (screenplay)
Stars: Randolph Scott, Jane Wyatt, J. Carrol Naish
Genre: Western, Adventure
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 9 March 1956 (West Germany)
Also Known As: Corazones de acero
Filming Locations: Banff, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

"After finding a vital pass through the Canadian Rockies for the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway, Tom Andrews tells his boss Cornelius Van Horne that he is resigning to marry the girl he loves, Cecille Gautier. From Cecille, Tom learns that fur trader Dirk Rourke fears the coming of the railroad because it threatens his hold on the Indians and other trappers. Tom and Rorke have a bitter fight over Cecille, and Tom asks her to wait for him, as he has to go back and finish his job with the railroad. Aided by Dynamite Dawson, Tom finds evidence of Rourke's work against the railroad construction and almost loses his life when Rourke fires into some crates of dynamite Tom is unloading. The construction camp's doctor, Edith Cabot, gives her own blood in a transfusion to save Tom's life. Cecille, realizing that her father is working with Rourke against the railroad,rides off to warn Tom. Rourke intercepts her and tells her that Tom is in love with the lady doctor, but she bullwhips ..." Written by Les Adams on

"As has been pointed out, this is a highly imaginative account of the building of the Canadian Pacific. Perhaps the Scott character is based on Major Albert Bowman Rogers who, Wikipedia tells us, was tasked with finding a route through the Selkirk Mountains. The CPR promised him a cheque for $5,000 and that the pass would be named in his honour. Rogers became obsessed with finding such a pass and discovered it in April 1881.

I saw it some years ago on British TV and have just watched it again courtesy of a slightly fuzzy copy on YouTube. Just about the only scenes I recalled were Scott's miraculous escape from the dynamite explosion (not completely impossible, I understand), the bandage on Scott's head that shifted in the same scene, and Dynamite Dawson's escape from the Indians.

The blood transfusion scene (in a moving train that was remarkably stable) was perhaps a bit ahead of its time. By the late 19th century, blood transfusion was still regarded as a risky and dubious procedure, and was largely shunned by the medical establishment.

Scott, in his early fifties, again has two far young women vying for his affections, but he was still a good-looking guy.

I enjoy these American "building-a-railroad" films, and this was good entertainment." Written by Marlburian on

Also Known As (AKA)
(original title) Canadian Pacific
Argentina Corazones de acero
Australia Canadian Pacific
Austria Canadian Pacific
Brazil Devastando Caminho
Canada (English title) Canadian Pacific
Chile Corazones de acero
Colombia Corazones de acero
Denmark Indianerangrebet på jernbanen
Finland Miesten mies
Greece (transliterated title) Pyrini gi
Greece Πύρινη γη
Ireland (English title) Canadian Pacific
Italy Amore selvaggio
Japan (Japanese title) カナダ平原
Mexico Corazones de acero
New Zealand (English title) Canadian Pacific
Panama Corazones de acero
Peru Corazones de acero
Portugal A Conquista da Civilização
Romania Compania feroviara Canadian Pacific
Spain Canadian Pacific
Sweden Det stora tågöverfallet
UK Canadian Pacific
USA Canadian Pacific
Venezuela Corazones de acero
West Germany Canadian Pacific

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