Can You Handle Good News? Here Are Good Things Happening for Progressives!

10 Jan 2021's Julianna Forlano gives a daily report on activism and the Progressive movement! Julianna discusses what's happening today 9/23/20:
1) Michelle Obama: 'Don't listen to people who will say that somehow voting is rigged'
Former first lady Michelle Obama is encouraging young voters to cast their ballots this November, telling them not to be discouraged or think their vote doesn't count."Voting is easy. It is something that we can do. Don't listen to people who will say that somehow voting is rigged and your vote will get lost and it won't be counted.
2) Mike Bloomberg raises millions to help Florida felons vote
Florida Rights Restitution Council raised about $5m before billionaire made calls to raise almost $17m more.
3) Battleground state voters strongly prefer Biden to Trump on climate, a new poll finds
After a summer of extreme weather, Americans demand climate leadership.
4) Mayors of 12 Major Global Cities Home to 36 Million People Make Unified Fossil Fuel Divestment Pledge
"We're in a make-or-break decade for the preservation of our planet and our livelihoods," said C40 chair and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.
5) Two Critically Endangered Javan Rhino Babies Spotted in Indonesia
Conservationists in Indonesia are celebrating the birth of two Javan rhinos—a species listed as critically endangered and one of the rarest large mammals on Earth.
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