BTS [방탄소년단] Themed Café | Purple 7 Cafè in Manila ♡ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, JIN, & TAEHYUNG ???

Em Bán Kính
Em Bán Kính
10 Mar 2021

생일 축하해요! [Happy Birthday to me!!]
Spent my first birth month week with JIN & TAEHYUNG [DECEMBER BABIES] at Purple 7 Cafè, a BTS-themed Café here in Manila!! They're now accepting dine-in, you just have to reserve your slot 6:33 Cafè Tour video

We stayed for one-hour, enjoyed myself with all the BTS decoration & merch. I ordered Irish Cream Latte, it's so good!!!! You must try it. Also, pesto pasta, taste really good too. As you can see in my vlog, I did freak out a bit when IDOL was played on the TV, hihi sorry for that. Anyway, thank you for watching my birthday vlog!! I really enjoyed my experience in Purple Cafe, I hope you can visit too. xoxo

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