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10 Mar 2021

Buy the Best Beginner DJ Controllers here:

Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX (Serato DJ Lite)

DDJ-400 (Rekordbox DJ) (Better Version of the DDJ-400)

DDJ-SB3 (Serato DJ Lite)

S2 Mk3 (Traktor Pro 3)

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The contenders are. The DDJ-400, DDJ-SB3, S2 MK3, and the Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX.

But before we begin, let me first say they’re similarities:

They all cost $250 except the S2 Mk3

They’re all USB bus-powered. Which means no need for a power adapter

They all come with RCA outputs and a 3.5mm headphone input.

Their knobs, jog wheels and tempo faders all feel standard

Alright with that said let’s begin!


Let’s start with the DDJ-400.

The major strengths of this controller are the following:

It comes with Free Rekordbox DJ Software. And this software is complete! No need to upgrade to anything here, because all the features you’ll ever need from DJing are all here and more, and nothing is off-limits unless you want to upgrade to Cloud Service stuff.

The layout is similar to the equipment in the clubs. So practicing on this controller and its software, better prepare you to handle using the more expensive stuff down the line.

The responsiveness of the jog wheels and everything else is lightning fast. Scratching feels a breeze on this controller.

And its weaknesses are:

It feels plasticky. It’s pretty lightweight, but the overall feel of the controller is kinda cheap.

The Jog Wheels and tempo faders are small, making it a little bit more difficult for beginners to mix. At least in the early stages

You can only activate one effect on one deck at a time

Next is the DDJ-SB3.

The major strengths of this controller are the following:

Similar to the 400. The responsiveness of this controller with Serato feels lightning fast. Scratching also feels amazing on this controller!

You can activate 3 effects on each deck, which makes creative mixing a lot more fun

The jog wheels and tempo fader are a bit bigger on this unit compared to the 400, which is always appreciated.

And its weaknesses are:

Like the 400. Since they’re made by the same company, this controller feels too lightweight and plasticky.

It comes with Serato DJ Lite, a beginner DJ software, which only lets you do the core essentials of DJing and nothing else.

Anyway, the next controller on this list is the Traktor S2 Mk3, and its strengths are:

Its software. I’ve been using Traktor since 2007, and to this very day, I still use it because of its dependability and overall amazing perfect layout.

It feels premium! Its weight is solid, and everything on this controller just screams quality.

And its weaknesses are the following:

It’s expensive at $330 dollars.

The software is out of date. Native Instruments is no longer focused on catering to the growing needs of the DJ.

And finally, let’s talk about the Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX:

So its strengths are:

It has the biggest jog wheels, tempo faders, and volume faders among all these units - making learning how to mix for beginners a lot easier and intuitive

It has a paddle FX feature which makes using effects feel fun
In the center of each jog wheel is a color display which helps keep your eyes on the equipment

And its weaknesses are:

It comes with Serato Lite.

Among all the controllers in this list...It’s not the best to scratch with. You can technically do the basics, but doing the more advanced and complicated stuff is a stretch compared to using the SB-3.

See what happens behind the scenes:
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