Analyzing Education Data with Open Science Best Practices, R, and OSF

Nhạc Chill
Nhạc Chill
10 Mar 2021

This workshop demonstrates how using R can advance open science practices in education. We focus on R and RStudio because it is an increasingly widely-used programming language and software environment for data analysis with a large supportive community. We present: a) general strategies for using R to analyze educational data and b) accessing and using data on the Open Science Framework (OSF) with R via the osfr package. This session is for those both new to R and those with R experience looking to learn more about strategies and workflows that can help to make it possible to analyze data in a more transparent, reliable, and trustworthy way.


1) Download R:
2) Download RStudio (a tool that makes R easier to use):
3) R for Data Science (a free, digital book about how to do data science with R):
4) Tidyverse R packages for data science:
5) RMarkdown from RStudio (including info about R Notebooks):
6) Data Science in Education Using R:

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