All about Circles: Chord, Diameter, and Radius for Class 4 & 5 | Learn with BYJU'S

Nhạc Chill
Nhạc Chill
10 Mar 2021

What comes to your mind first when we say shapes in geometry? ‘Circles’ isn’t it! Circles are all around us. It is a closed perfectly round shaped figure with different parts to it. Learning circles and its properties can be much easier and fun if you watch this video.

A special line drawn inside a circle is called a chord. A chord can be of different lengths. The longest length of the chord is called a diameter. Two times the radius makes a diameter. How? There are so many interesting things to know and visualize about circles. Watch this video to learn about circles and see how you can remember them forever.
Learn about circles and it's important concepts:

00.00 Circles
00.04 Chord
00.34 Longest length of the chord
1.52 Diameter
2.35 Center of the circle
3.10 3 chords of equal length intersect at a common point

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