AI Weekly Update - March 8th, 2021 (#27)!

Nhạc Chill
Nhạc Chill
10 Mar 2021

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Content Links:
Multimodal neurons (OpenAI):
Multimodal neurons (Distil):
DeepDream (Wikipedia):
CLIP (OpenAI):
CLIP (Keras Code Examples):
OpenAI Microscope:
Yannic Kilcher's Explanation of Multimodal Neurons:
Wikipedia-based Image-Text Pairs:
WIT Dataset (GitHub repo):
Self-supervised learning: the dark matter of intelligence:
SEER (FB AI Blog Post):
SEER (Research Paper):
Adaptive Consistency Regularization for Semi-Supervised Learning:
Do Transformer Modifications Transfer:
Long Range Arena:
Perceiver: General Perception with Iterative Attention:
Transformer in Transformer:
Vision Transformer:
Generative Adversarial Transformers:
State-of-the-art Image Generative Models:
Ultra Data-Efficient GAN Training:
Training GANs with limited data:
Predicting Video with VQ-VAE:
Data Aug with Neural Rendering:
Principles for Tackling Distribution Shift:

0:00 Beginning
16:38 Multimodal Neurons
25:29 Wikipedia Dataset
27:25 The Dark Matter of Intelligence
34:48 SEER
39:26 Adaptive Consistency Regularization
41:04 Do Transformer Modifications Transfer?
45:08 Perceiver
47:18 Transformer in Transformer
49:30 Generative Adversarial Transformers
51:45 State-of-the-art Image Generative Models
52:46 Ultra-Data Efficient GANs
56:00 Predicting Video with VQ-VAE
1:00:23 Data Aug with Neural Rendering
1:01:22 Principles for Tackling Distribution Shift
1:04:09 GenoML
1:04:51 Thanks for Watching!

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