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Em Bán Kính
Em Bán Kính
10 Mar 2021

Synopsis: 2021 New Kung Fu Martial Arts Action Movie “无极 You Deserve Better 无影” is about a story in Ming Dynasty when Hideyoshi, the Japanese General, sent the army to invade Korea. The King of Korea then sent the princess to ask the suzerain, China Ming Dynasty, for help. But on her way to China, she was chased by Japanese killers. At the critical moment, a maverick killer Wu Ying saved her. And then just for a promise, Wu Ying tried his best to protect her to the capital and died for it...

故事简介:2021最新功夫武侠动作电影《無影 You Deserve Better 無極》讲述一个遗世独立的特殊杀手无影,在接单完成货物运送的时候,箱子内居然多出一个神秘的朝鲜公主。冷硬碰上绕指柔,碰撞出不一样的情感花火。 一路前行,无影打败日本杀手,躲开大明官兵,以自己一死,护公主周全 。

出品 Studio: 鸿文传媒 Hong Wen Media, 威振国际 Ying Film
导演 Director: 张力 Zhang Li
主演 Starring: 郑家彬 Zheng Jiabin, 王微 Wang Wei
题材 Genres: 动作 Action, 功夫 Kung Fu, 武侠 MartialArts WuXia, 古装 Ancient Costume

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