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04 Mar 2021

Free Western in Full Length: A Noose Is Waiting for You Trinity - Trinity is an ex-gunslinger desperately wanting to be forgiven and accepted by his family that he abandoned years earlier.

A Noose Is Waiting for You Trinity (1972):
Director: Alfonso Balcázar (as George Martin)
Writers: Alfonso Balcázar (story), Giovanni Simonelli (screenplay) (as G. Simonelli)
Stars: George Martin, Marina Malfatti, Klaus Kinski
Country: Spain | Italy
Language: Spanish
Release Date: 7 March 1975 (West Germany)
Also Known As: Ti attende una corda... Ringo
Filming Locations: Elios Film, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Trinity is an ex-gunslinger desperately wanting to be forgiven and accepted by his family that he abandoned years earlier. Unfortunately for him, a ruthless bounty hunter is on his trail. The bounty hunter tracks Trinity down and forces him to return to his violent ways in order to protect himself and his family.

"This was a hoot. Though I must say Kinski and Morricone saved this from total mediocrity. The plot is atypical spaghetti. It's more of a shane stoyline with a bounty hunter(Kinski) after shane as an added perk to the plot. George Martin is pretty good though and the baddies are really bad. Yes there is bad dubbing unintentionally funny lines and everything you expect from the genre but Morricone's harmonica theme is genuinely touching and raises the film everytime it underscores a scene, especially effective at the end. This movie would work without it but it would be nothing special.

As for Kinski. This is unquestionably one of his best roles in a western. Everytime he's on screen is pure magic, even with the dubbing. And the ending to the movie is quite touching though it wouldn't be half as good without the actions of . . . who else KINSKI!! There is a German PAL dvd of this film. It's hard to find but if you do grab it." Written by ster2001 via IMDb.com

"A very moving film, strongly influenced by Shane. the hero (played by George Martin) returns to his family 6 years after avenging his brother's murder. he agrees to put down his guns and become a rancher. meanwhile, some baddies (very bad) threaten his family and the local ranchers. Klaus Kinski, as a bounty hunter stalks the hero to claim a $5,000 reward. great performances and a powerful ending. a beautiful Morricone score. apparently, only available in DVD in a Best Entertainment German Pal 0 release (it played on my DVD player)." Written by tomdowse via IMDb.com

"George Martin returns to his family's farm after six years on the run for killing his brother's murderer. He makes a vow to his wife, never to use violence again, but runs afoul of vicious land-grabbers and ruthless bounty hunter Klaus Kinski.

Billed on some prints as a bogus Trinity sequel, this is actually a remake of a previous spaghetti western, Clint The Stranger, also starring Martin in an identical role with some footage from the previous film used as a flashback.

Both films are about on par, though if watching both, the viewer is liable to decide for his or herself which one is better." Written by FightingWesterner via IMDb.com


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