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Nhạc Chill
Nhạc Chill
10 Mar 2021


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Here are a few references for you below to help you get started in the meantime.

1. Check out my YouTube Lessons first - https://youtube.com/watch?v=rmMmM5dV0QI​​

2. Check out my latest video on YouTube as well for weekly analysis - posted every Sunday at 9AM EST

3. Check the PDF report in the PINNED TWEET - this will help you understand everything

4. Make sure to check out my chart links in the PDF REPORT as well - you can see how it's going by pressing the play button on the right hand side of the screen. For mobile, you'll need to turn your phone sideways. You may need to register first.

5. Check out my options tweet - https://twitter.com/stockdweeb....s/status/12810288761

6. Check out my 10 rules - https://pic.twitter.com/VxEi5g2OaV​​ - if you have trouble with risk, check out number 1

7. We use TD AMERITRADE - most beginners use RobinHood

8. We do NOT offer buy or sell signals - so please defer from asking. As much as we love you, we have no idea what will happen.

We are a research company - we offer the research and tools for you to place the trades on your own. Thank you for understanding!

9. We do NOT research individual stocks that you may ask - we tend to only focus on our weekly stock picks from this week and previous weeks. We do this because we have a set methodology - we never deviate from Dweeb Methodology.

10. We typically like to wait a few hours or a few days even before we go into our positions on a weekly basis - Monday mornings are usually hectic.

11. We have two accounts. Short-term (this is our weekly stock picks pinned tweet). Long-term (this will be available in 1 - 2 weeks on our new website). We believe having two accounts will help you become financially free in the future!

12. Our website will be out in 1 - 2 weeks! Keep in touch and stay updated on our Twitter!

13. For career opportunities, we'll have our career page up on our new website in the next few months. Kindly check there to see if any of your experiences matches what we're looking for!

14. If you cannot afford options, we highly suggest just purchasing shares, fractional shares, or using debit spreads.

15. Options is very high risk - we highly recommend using a demo account for the first few months while you build your long-term portfolio. Once you have enough of a balance, then we believe it makes sense to try to do options.

16. We only long / call. We don't short / put.

17. Remember to never over-risk!

18. You can do either shares or options - we highly suggest shares to start to ensure you do not over-risk on options.

19. We do not offer any consulting or 1-1 coaching lessons.

Thank you so much for your support and love - we hope these links and information above can help you become the next big DWEEB

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