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2020 Market Outlook: Trading Opportunities in Q1 | FXTM

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29 May 2020

What market trends does Q1 have in store? How will Brexit affect the Pound sterling? Find out with FXTM’s 2020 Market Outlook. Our dedicated team of expert research analysts; Jameel Ahmad, Lukman Otunuga and Han Tan have the latest on market trends and key topics to watch out for during the next few months, including:• The impact of recovering global growth on both spot gold trading and oil trading• How will the Eurozone and the EUR react to Brexit?• What’s influencing the US market and the USD? • China’s global impact, particularly upon the Asian markets and the JPY.Don’t miss out on your chance to get 2020 market ready! #Gold #TradeOil #EURUSD #MarketTrends Read the full 2020 Market Outlook here: ⁣ #ForexNews #MarketNews #MarketOutlook2020 #TeamFXTM

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