2 CHEAP Stocks That Could DOUBLE In 2020

02 Feb 2021

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Hey guys happy Wednesday! At the start of today's video I go over the recent stock market news that has been moving the market. We're in the middle of earnings season, and I'm very curious to see the major tech stocks releasing earnings on Thursday. Those stocks of Google Stock (GOOGL Stock), Amazon Stock (AMZN Stock), Apple Stock (AAPL Stock), and Facebook Stock (FB Stock) will have a huge impact on the overall market. In today's video I wanted to talk about some of the best cheap stocks to buy right now. These are two stocks that I think have incredible potential for great returns. These 2 cheap stocks that could double in 2020 have plenty of risk associated with them, but I think they could be a great opportunity if these start getting some momentum behind them. The two cheap stocks in this video are Sirius XM Stock (SIRI Stock) and Nokia Stock (NOK Stock). Sirius XM Stock has been hurt by car sales in 2020, but I think the demand is going to start coming back. In addition, their investments into places like Soundcloud and Sticher makes me happy to see that they are diversifying. Nokia stock is one of the top 5G stocks out there right now. While NOK stock has been in a decline for the past couple years, it appears to have gotten out of the downwards channel and is trending higher. There's been a lot of discussion for the top 5G stocks to buy, and I make my case for Nokia Stock. While these stocks have plenty of risk, I think these are cheap stocks to buy in the near future. Let me know what you thought about these two stocks in the comments down below! Thanks for watching today's video and I'll see you on Friday!

Stocks Discussed In This Video:
Sonos Stock | SONO Stock | $SONO
McDonalds Stock | MCD Stock | Mc Donalds Stock | $MCD
Microsoft Stock | MSFT Stock | $MSFT
SiriusXM Stock | Sirius XM Stock | SIRI Stock | $SIRI
Nokia Stock | NOK Stock | $NOK
Google Stock | GOOGL Stock | $GOOGL
Amazon Stock | AMZN Stock | $AMZN
Apple Stock | AAPL Stock | $AAPL
Facebook Stock | FB Stock | $FB
ATT Stock | AT&T Stock | T Stock | $T

0:00 2 Cheap stocks that could Double in 2020 | Cheap Stocks That Could Double In 2020
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1:45 Microsoft Stock | MSFT Stock | MCD Stock | McDonalds Stock | Best stocks to buy
2:40 Amazon Stock | AMZN Stock | Facebook Stock | FB Stock | AAPL Stock | Apple Stock
3:40 Cheap Stocks to buy August 2020 | Sonos Stock | SONO Stock | Undervalued stocks to buy
4:00 Sirius XM Stock | SIRI Stock | SIRI Stock Analysis | Sirius XM Stock Analysis | SIRI STOCK
8:50 Nokia Stock | NOK Stock | Nokia Stock Analysis | ATT Stock | T Stock | AT&T Stock
9:30 5G Stocks to buy | Best stocks to buy | Cheap stocks to buy 2020 | Stocks to buy 2020

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